2020 Ky-Hike-A-Bike 
    Adventure Race 



April 24, 2021

Dunn's Creek State Forest, Florida

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The Ky-Hike-A-Bike is a single person or team adventure challenge, incorporating three separate and distinct disciplines of outdoor fun and recreation. Team members will have a baton that they pass from one member to the next during the race.

  1. Kayaking.  A 5K (approximate) paddle, powered by a single human with a single or double bladed paddle.  Paddlers MUST wear an approved PFD and a provided number for identification. If you need a kayak, please contact us.
  2. Hiking.  A 5K (approximate) run/hike along a prescribed and marked route. Running is authorized. Hikers must wear closed toed footwear and wear a provided number panel for identification.
  3. Biking. A 10K (approximate) bicycle leg along a prescribed and marked route. The biker must wear an approved bicycle helmet and wear a provided number panel for identification. Off-road bikes will be required for this event since the riding surface may consist of sand, gravel, grass, and some small portions of paved surfaces.

The object is to complete the course in the least time, in a safe and fun manner.

Each single or team is responsible for providing their own Kayak, PFD and Paddle, Off-road type bicycle, helmet, and proper footwear.

Prize size and structure will be based upon number of singles/teams entering.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Dunn's Creek State Forest. 

Classes or Divisions: Divisions anticipated include: All Men, All Women, All over a specific age, all under a specific age, or other divisions that are deemed appropriate. Teams will only be allowed to compete in one category. Depending on participation levels, we will increase the number of categories by age.



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